About CoinsBeast

We made this website to help DeFi investors/traders to find some handlebars in the massive noise which exist on the blockchain.

Everyday more than 3000 new ERC-20 compatiable token are made, but more than 80-90% of them are harmful scam, our mission is to filter out the safe tokens/coins and make DEX trading great again.

Before you decide to invest crypto into any coin listed or exist on our website do not forget the DYOR (Do your own research!) rules.

Even with the best tools you are not able to determine the human factor behind a smart contracts, so investing will be always risky!

Our numbers

  • 350.000+ monthly visitor!
  • More than 35.000 Token listed!
  • 5 supported Blockchain
    Ethereum, BSC, Avax, Polygon, Fantom

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