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Most recent NFT Drops

Newest NFT Drops for You to Catch on CoinsBeast

“Newest” is the CoinsBeast section with NFT projects that are about to go live or have recently become available for minting. Sometimes there are just so many of them that an inexperienced person can’t choose what to pay attention to first.

In situations like that, it’s quite handy to have a place where you can see the NFT project ratings, leave your vote, and track what is happening in the world of crypto. CoinsBeast is ready to offer you all of the above and more.

Why It Is Important to Pay Attention to the Most Recent NFT Drops

NFTs are unique, so if you are interested in a project and want to have a valuable item, it’s better for you to hurry up and mint precious NFTs while you still can.

On the CoinsBeast website, in the section “Newest NFT drops”, you’ll find NFT projects that have only one hour before they go live, as well as the ones that are already available for minting. 

Where to Find New NFT Drops

New NFT drops are on CoinsBeast in the section “NFT Calendar.” There you’ll also find:

  • Upcoming, coming soon, and closed NFT projects.
  • NFTs that are available to mint in 1 hour and the ones that are live.
  • Each NFT project has a brief description with all the details you need to make a choice.

CoinsBeast – More than Just a Voting Platform

As it was mentioned at the beginning, CoinsBeast is not just a place with a soulless listing of the best and the worst. There is a real living person behind each vote and articles from our experts in the “News” section written in a way everyone can understand – we explain difficult things in simple words.

Register on CoinsBeast and create your personalized watchlist, so you won’t miss new NFT drops today and other important releases tomorrow. Leave your vote, add your own coins, and explore the crypto world in a fun way.