Finished NFT Drops

Probably Finished NFT Drops

Analyze Finished NFT Drops with CoinsBeast

You may be interested in closed NFT drops to compare the prices of sold NFTs and upcoming ones. CoinsBeast is there for you to see what others can’t.

Why Is It Necessary to Know about Closed NFT Drops

Even if you haven’t taken part in an NFT, it helps you master your skills to compare your expectations with reality. Each closed project has detailed info about:

  • Its website, Twitter, and Discord.
  • The mint and presale prices.
  • The time when the sale was closed.
  • Blockchain’s name.
  • NFT project’s advantages and peculiarities.

You may also like and share the project you become interested in with your friends. Some NFT projects have a link to the marketplace where you can find even more facts about how it went.

Become an NFT or Crypto Expert with CoinsBeast

CoinsBeast is a great and user-friendly voting platform, but that is not all it has to offer. After finishing the registration process, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a customized wishlist of upcoming events and presales you don’t want to miss.
  • Vote for the crypto and NFT you like.
  • Add your own project to the website, so the whole world can find it.
  • Explore the chaotic crypto world through the eyes of experts and watch it become organized in very comprehensive listings, ratings, and figures.
  • Take part in the affiliate program and look at the familiar work from a new angle.
  • Create your own unique portfolio.

Join the CoinsBeast community and see what the market has in store for you today!