New Listings

New listings need 500 votes to be accepted

New Listings on CoinsBeast – New Chances to Boost Your Portfolio

New coins appear on the market every day; hundreds and hundreds of new NFT and crypto projects are craving your attention. It’s so easy to lose a bigger picture in such circumstances and miss the perfect coin.

The very idea of CoinsBeast’s voting platform is to structure the chaos and organize all new projects into listings from the most to the least popular. You may also leave your vote and help the crypto you like to get more attention.

What a New Crypto Coins List Tells You

In CoinsBeast’s “New listings” section, you’ll be able to find new coins listed to vote to be added to the CoinsBeast’s rating. It just has to get 500 votes to be accepted. 

At the top of the main page, you’ll see six promoted coins. Below, there is a list of the new projects, which came up during the last 24 hours. 

On the site, you may categorize coins by the chain they are based on. Also, the following info is given:

  • Name
  • Chain
  • Symbol
  • Market Cap data
  • Price
  • The time when the crypto was launched.
  • The number of votes.

You may open the page of any project you find outstanding to find out the main info about the project. 

Below you can see the coin’s price as well as the coin’s chart with fresh info.

Reasons to Check on the List of New Crypto Coins and Register on CoinsBeast

It would be a shame to miss a great project when it has just begun. The price may change dramatically, so if you want to get something that is promising to be valuable in the future and not give away everything you have in your wallet for it. It’s better to hurry up.

Only registered users are allowed to vote, have an impact on a list of new coins on CoinsBeast, and add their own projects. It’s high time to join the team of fellow traders and investors and share your experiences.