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BSC Contract Address: 0x79ebc9a2ce02277a4b5b3a768b1c0a4ed75bd936
BSC Contract Address: 0x79ebc9a2ce02277a4b5b3a768b1c0a4ed75bd936

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Votes for listing: 500/500

Votes: 46224

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Status listed
Votes for listing 500/500
All time votes 46224
Votes today: 0

Marketcap: $ 135,925,672

Price (USD): $ 0.000000002063

What Is Catgirl (CATGIRL)?

CATGIRLĀ¢ is a community-driven cryptocurrency focused on NFTs. CATGIRLĀ¢ is a deflationary currency and offers immediate rewards for holders. When you are holding Catgirl tokens, you will immediately get a 2% share in return. With every CATGIRLĀ¢ transaction, 2% is donated to the farming pool, and an additional 1% goes to marketing and development.Ā 

In the future, CATGIRLĀ¢ holders will be able to buy Catgirl Mystery Boxesā€”random loot boxes with Catgirl Collectibles inside. They will then be able to exchange and trade Collectibles in the Cativerse marketplace and even customize their outfits in the Catgirl Workshop.

The Cativerse will also include Catgirl Social, where you will have the opportunity to connect with other collectors and Catgirl enthusiasts.Ā 

You will even be able to farm your Catgirl NFTs, giving you the chance to earn back CATGIRLĀ¢.

Is Catgirl (CATGIRL) Cryptocurrency a Good Investment?

Catgirl cryptocurrency is still relatively new, having just launched in May 2021. As such, it is difficult to determine how successful they will be at this point.

CATGIRLĀ¢ has a number of stand-out features that could make it an attractive investment. Catgirl coin is anti-whale, meaning that it is impossible for buyers to purchase over 1% of the total supply.Ā 

At launch, 50% of the total coin supply was sent to a black hole, which essentially functions as another wallet holder. With each transaction made, the black hole gets half of the immediate 2% rewards.Ā 

Whatā€™s more, at the moment, its price is low enough that you can invest now and have a strong chance of making more later down the line. The supply of the coin is also reducing, meaning that its price is going up. CATGIRLĀ¢ is a deflationary token based on Binance Smart Cain (BSC). 50 quadrillion of the total 100 quadrillion coins have been burned, meaning that the circulating supply is 50 quadrillion and continuing to reduce.

If you are not convinced, however, you can track CATGIRLĀ¢ā€™s listing on various exchanges. The more exchanges list the coin, the more reliable it is for potential investors.

Where to Buy Catgirl Crypto Coin?

There are a few steps to buying CATGIRLĀ¢:

  1. Install MetaMask Wallet, available on Android, iOS, and the Chrome Web Store.Ā 
  2. Before you can purchase any Catgirl crypto tokens, add the Binance Smart Chain network into your wallet.
  3. Purchase Binance Coins (BNB). You can purchase this currency from crypto exchanges. Once you have bought them, add the BNB coins to your MetaMask wallet.
  4. Finally, navigate to Connect your MetaMask Wallet and purchase your CATGIRLĀ¢! The Catgirl website recommends setting your slippage at 5%.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and donā€™t know where to start, check the Catgirl website for detailed information on purchasing Catgirl coins.

Vote to Increase Catgirlā€™s Ratings

If you like the tokens, you can vote for Catgirl here on our site to improve the Catgirlā€™s ranking. You can use our site to keep up-to-date on Catgirlā€™s rank and see how the token is doing on the market.

Our site isnā€™t just a voting platform; you can also use it to stay up-to-date on news, explore the world of crypto, and find investment opportunities. We also offer a Scam Scanner tool (a scam contract checker) and a free Portfolio Checker. Follow 3 simple steps to check the balance of crypto assets: register at CoinsBeast, enter any wallet address on the BSC Smart Chain, see the walletā€™s balance in US dollars and the number of coins and tokens.


Q: Where can I keep CATGIRLĀ¢?

A: You can hold CATGIRLĀ¢ in any wallets compatible with ERC-20ā€”for example, MetaMask, Coinbase, or TrustWallet.

Q: Why do I get an error message when trying to buy CATGIRLĀ¢ through PancakeSwap?

A: It may be that you have your slippage settings set too low. Locate the gear icon to open up settings and increase your slippage tolerance percentage.


What Is Catgirl (CATGIRL) contract address?

The contract address for the Catgirl is 0x79ebc9a2ce02277a4b5b3a768b1c0a4ed75bd936 and it can be found on BSC network.

Where can I securely store my Catgirl tokens?

Catgirl is an BSC token so you will need a wallet that can hold BSC tokens. The most popular ones are MetaMask and Trust Wallet.

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